Saturday, March 22, 2008


I have been knitting. Honest. Here, I will show you.

These are R's. I finised them about a week ago. He loves them. I lost the ballbands but if I remember correctly, the yarn is Claudia Hand Painted Yarns. I don't remember the color. Very nice yarn to work with.

I just finished the first of a pair a few minutes ago for me. The yarn is Claudia Handpainted Yarns. The color is "Hawaii". I will be buying more of this from the Loopy Ewe.

Both pairs are my personal patterns that I have put together from several different patterns. They are toe up Magic loop, started with Magic cast on. They have a heel flap and a gusset. I do basic vanilla pattern to show off the yarn. I have even started the secend one. See?

Sorry that this post is sarcastic. I am trying to stay awake so I can sleep tomorrow so that I can stay awake at work tomorrow night. Happy Knitting!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wish List

Warning - this is a selfish post.

I need a place where I can list my "wishes". Now that I have income again, I am dreaming about things that I would like to have in regards to my fiber obession. Since I want to start my own business, I will need equipment to run it more smoothly and at most cost effective to me. Granted, I could have someone else prepare my fiber, but if I have my own, then I could do it myself. Yes, I am very aware how time consuming perparing fiber from raw to spinable is.

I would need a picker and a drum carder. I would probably start out with a non-motorized carder, then upgrade to a motorized one. The picker I would probably buy, but R could also make me one if I got the plans. I was thinking this one, this one, or this one for a carder, and this, this,or this for a picker.

Another thing is dying. Do I, or don't I. I was thinking for a while that I would like to carry only natural colors in fiber and blend those to make other colors. But there are so many gorgeous colors and color combos out there! So, I will probably need an outdoor stove and pots, pans, and utensils so that if I wanted to use acid dyes I could.

Personal wishes. Spindles and more spindles! I have fallen in love with the Golding rim weighted spindles! Although I prefer the nonpainted ones, all are BEAUTIFUL!! And any of these that are under 1.5oz are on my wish list! And Butterflygirls! I would also like to try a supported spindle.

Fiber. I bought some of this just to try it out. I didn't like it by itself, but blended up to 50/50 with another fiber and all the blends that I have tried spin like a dream!! I will definately be getting more of this!

I am sure that there is more wishes somewhere in my brain, but I need to go nap before going to work tonight.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

R's new blog

Hello! R just started his own blog! You can find it here. He is an artist. I hope that you like some of the drawings.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


The other morning I noticed that one of my skeins of yarn was missing. It was one of a pair that was gifted to me by a friend. I had wound them up and set them prominently on my yarn shelves so that I could admire them and pet them as I walked by. Well, that morning, I noticed that one was gone. I looked on the floor, under the bed, etc. no pretty little cake of yarn. I told R to please keep an eye out for it as the puppy loooooves my fiber. Yarn, fiber he looooves it. R and I went running errands later, and when we got back I found this:

This is the other one:

and this is the puppy:

"I didn't do nothin'. I'm just layin' here on your pillow bein' good!"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well, I went in yesterday to sign all the paperwork that comes with starting a new job. Then HR took me to see my boss to see when I would start and she said she was going to start me that day! I said that I was ok with that and went home to go change into scrubs. I had forgotten how long a 12 hour shift is! I did get to leave early, so I was only there for about 8 hours. That is still a long time when you haven't worked in almost a year. I start my regular shift this Thursday night. I like the job so far. It is also a really good feeling to be using the skills that I have gone to school for. Although, I still feel like I have to go get my clinical instructor if I want to do a procedure or skill so that I can get checked off! I am sure that that will go away soon.

Knitting. Haven't really done any the last few days. Did some frogging though. R had to help me with one skein as it tangled up really bad. It took the two of us almost an hour to get it right. I really, really don't like this yarn. I don't like how it feels going through my fingers and I don't care for the knitted fabric. It is sock yarn. R loves it, so it will become something for him after it sits awhile to learns to behave itself. Or I forget how it behaves.

Need to go get ready for school. Only 2.5 months left!!!

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Secret Project (pic intensive)

I have a secret project that I am working on. Well, I guess that it isn't too secret if I can post about it here as the person doesn't read my blog, but other person does that talk to her! I already asked and made sure and that person wouldn't say anything anyways. This person "K" loves elephants. I mean really likes and collects things that looks like elephants and has elephants on things. Last year for Christmas I made her this. It is a wirewrapped elephant scuplture.

This year, I wanted to make her a shawl or wall hanging of a knitted elephant. So, I trolled the internet for pictures that I liked. This is one I found that would work the best.

I messed with it until I got this:

This is a corner of the drawing and the prgression to chart.

I only graphed out a corner so far so that I could knit up a swatch. I don't have a swatch done yet. I started one last night and I had marked two squares with the wrong number so I was off count twice. I decided that I was too tired (it was 10pm at the time) to continue. I will try tonight after dinner maybe.

I wanted to do this in cobweb/lace weight, but then it would be wall hanging size to frame when done. If I do this in say sock weight, I might be able to add borders and such to make it shawl size. I am waiting on a reply if K wears shawls or not.

I hope that all is well with you out there. Until next time, happy knitting!

Horse of course

Here is that wonderful picture of a horse I was telling you about. My aunt (Bobbie) took it.