Thursday, February 25, 2010


One of the perks to living in the desert is that last frost is in January. I planted to seeds inside in January to be able to plant in the backyard in February. So far so good. So a few weeks ago, I plant some bronze colored Gerber daisys and some bright yellow violas. The garden was empty looking and I wanted some color. Well, I go out a few hours later and the plants are dug up and eaten! Seems to me that my dogs wanted some greens! After the frustration, I went and got some chicken wire and surrounded the garden area. This week I planted my sprouted seeds and felt confident that the dogs could not eat them now. I go outside the next morning and my carrots and lettuce are dug up! No holes in or under the fence. I then remembered that there are stray cats in the area. I replanted the carrots and lettuce that I could find and made a cage to go over that bed as the other beds were undisturbed. So I will see if that works. Hopefully the plants will get left alone long enough to root well and get big enough that the animals don't want to get in there.