Thursday, May 24, 2007

just some cute pics

No knitting pics. Just some cute furbabys!

Let me take my nap mom!

Can I come out and play?

Hello again

Hello, I know that I haven't written in awhile. That is because of life. And knitting that I really cannot show because it is for the swaps that I am in. I go to visit my mom on Monday, and there is a yarn shop there. The ladies let me ball my yarn from other places as long as I buy something from them. So, I really haven't started on my sockapalooza4 sox yet. I have the pattern and the yarn, but the yarn is still in skien form.

Spinning. I spun some the other night, and for the first time, the ply was balanced! I was so excited! R didn't really know what I was excited about but he was happy for me. It was some roving from Paradise Fiber that I koolaid dyed. The roving was dark brown, and I dyed it red and purple, but it came out dark burgandy. Still very cool. it is going to go to one of my swap spoilees. I got my wheel for my birthday. She is an Ashford Traveler Single Drive with Scotch tension. She doesn't have a name yet. She is unfinished. I know, I know, I need to have her finished. While we are in Wyoming, maybe I can have R finish her for me. Here is a picture of her.

And here is the spun roving.

The picture is dark but is pretty true to color

R took some pictures of C.A.T. She is R's outside cat. She is part Saimese.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Here are more pictures of my cats.

They are Motor and Iris, brother and sister. They are three years old. In the pictures where they are together, Motor is on the left and Iris is on the right.

supersoxboxswap question

Question: What is your favorite beverage and snack while knitting, and why? Be specific!

Beverage: usually water or milk, but somtimes tea(when I get up and make it). My favorite kind of tea is iced basic black tea, unsweetened. But I just got some pink grapefruit and tea leaves tea, and it is really good cold also!

Snack: usually something bready like crackers, buttered bread, bread and oil(not very often on that one because of the oil). Sometimes I like to have chocolate, but then it has to be something I can eat with a spoon. My fav chocolate thing to eat right now is regular peanut butter mixed with coco mix. Heat it up just a little bit to get the mix to melt into the peanutbutter. It is very tempting to me when I knit!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cats, Dogs, and FO's

This is a picture of my desk. My cat, Motor, loves to sit up there so that he can be with me. Yes, that is three computers that you see. One is so old that it turns on and that is about it. We are trying to figure how to transfer the files to the black computer (R's computer). The silver one is my computer. I had it before R and I got together, or we probably would only have one computer now.
I finished the baby blanket last night. It is soaking in the wash water as we speak. It seemed to take forever, but it didn't really. It is washable yarn, so it is easy care for the mom. I am going to give it to her tomorrow at the nursing student pinning ceromony.

I got my SuperSoxBoxSwap spoilee yesterday. I already started on her bag. I cannot say what it is just in case she reads my blog. It is supposed to be a surprise!!! The way cool part is that she is in England! My other swap spoilees, one is in Texas, and the other in Virginia. I hope that I do a good job spoiling all three ladies.

Katie is over her cough. She is getting spayed today. I go and pick her up in about an hour. The vet gave me some pain meds for her because the pound doesn't supply them. I thought that kinda sucked. I don't want my new baby in pain from major surgery. I got some baby oneies for her to wear so she won't lick and bite at her stitches. When I got my cats fixed, the vet told me about that.

Take my picture mommy!

Friday, May 11, 2007

super sox box swap

Super Sox Box Swap Questionnaire:
1.What are your favorite colors? jewel tones
What colors make you cringe? hardly anything as long as it looks good with the other colors
2.Are you a new sock knitter? yes
How long have you been knitting socks? about six months
3.Do you prefer solid or multicolored yarn? either
4.What fibers do you prefer in sock yarn? natural
5.Where do you usually knit socks? in the car or at home
6.How do you usually carry/store small projects? in a ziplock bag
7.What are your favorite sock knitting patterns? I really like wendyknits patterns, toe up, but other than that I don't know because I am still new at this
Any favorite designers? I don't know
8.What are your favorite sock knitting techniques? toe up
9.What new techniques would you like to try? lace, cables
10.Do you prefer circulars or dpns for sock knitting? dpns
11.What are some of your favorite yarns? mountain colors, panda cotton, Loopie ewe yarns!
12.What yarn do you adore and yearn for? alpaca, anything soft and makes a solid fabric
What yarn makes you happiest? soft and silky, easy to work with
13.Any pattern you would love to make if money and time were no object?My own
14.Favorite kind of needles (brand, materials, straights or circs, etc)? dpns-bamboo, either crystal palace or brittany, cirs-addi turbos. I haven't tried any other tyes of dpns yet.
If you were a specific kind of yarn, which brand and kind of yarn would you be? alpaca, or anything soft
Do you have a favorite candy or mail-able snack? m&ms (any kind but crunch), chocolate (any kind), cheeze-its
Sweet or salty? both depending on my mood
Do you collect anything? animals, yarn, fabric, knitting needles, crochet hooks, frog figurines, dust bunnies
What is your favorite scent? clean, citrus scents
Will you be celebrating a birthday, anniversary, etc. between now and the close of the swap? no
What’s your favorite animal? cats and dogs ( and bunnies and mice and ...)
Do you have pets? yes
What are their species/names/ages? 2 cats Motor and Iris (brother and sister) age 3 yrs, gray tabbies; 3 dogs - 2 German Shepard/Dobbie mix (sisters) age 3yrs, DeeOGee and Ditto, puppy - Beagle/Rott mix age 13weeks, Katie.
Tell me the best quote you’ve ever heard or read. "I Love You" from my boyfriend
What is your motto in life? Each day you wake up this side of the grass is a good day!
Do you have a wishlist? (ie: Amazon, B&N, a LYS, online store, etc.) Please list link here. no
Anything else you’d like to share with your Sox Box pal? have fun!!! I am very easy to please
Any allergies to be aware of for this swap? No scented lotions please
Coffee, Tea? Anything Else? tea

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I got a box!!!

I got my box from Loopy Ewe today! I was too excited. This is what I got:

Cherry Tree Hill in Brights

Claudia Hand Paints in DF Green

Claudia Hand Paints in Hawaii

Cider Moon in Seagrass

Way cool huh! I also got some samples of Regina bamboo and silk yarns. They also sent me a needle card thing so I know what needles I have and don't have.

I think I will use either the Seagrass or the Brights as my Sock4 Pal's sox. I am going to visit my mom in the next couple of weeks, so I can take the yarn there t0 the local LYS to have the yarn balled.

I am almost done with that baby blanket. It is just so monotonous to work on. I made myself a promise not to work on anything else until that is done! It is really hard because right beside me right now is a swatch for the sock4.


This sucks. I don't get insomnia very often, but when I do, I only sleep a couple hours. Maybe. I just can't seem to shut the mind down and relax. Thank goodness I don't have to work tomorrow.

I can give you updates though. I have started the decreases on the baby blanket I am making.

I see a corner!

I do have a few more rows done. This is for my nursing student friend. She is due in June. But babys don't always follow the doctor's schedule. I hope that the baby can wait until AFTER her final on Monday!

I like the blanket, but I really, really don't like garter stitch. I thought to myself when I was planning this blanket, I don't like garter stitch but this won't be that bad! I probably would have had this blanket done a long time ago if I had done another pattern, one that kept my attention better. It makes for really good movie knitting.

Katie. Katie went to the vet and got a clean bill of health. That night she started to cough. And the next night. R took her back to the vet on Saturday. She has kennel cough. Got the pills and cough syrup. She likes the syrup, I think it smells like meat, maybe that is why. She is coughing less now, so we can get some sleep. Well they can.

Ordered some yarn from the Loopy Ewe. Hopefully it will get here tomorrow, well today. I haven't ordered from them before, so I am excited about that! I hear that they have good service and excellent products. I signed up for the Summer of socks2007. You can find it here. I signed up for the design contest. One of the requirements was to order the yarn from one of the sponsors, and Loopy Ewe was a sponsor! I am so excited; I haven’t ever designed a knitting pattern before.

I am sending out a treat box to my sock4 pal later today. I guess that would make her a treatee? Sounds good to me. I hope that she likes it, I have been blog stalking her for some ideas.

I found out today that I was accepted into the LPN program at our local college. I have two semesters of Nursing school done, so I was able to apply.

I go and pay for that tomorrow. It is going to feel weird going back to school, as I have had a whole semester off. It has been a really nice break.

I have to (well, I don't have to but it needs to be done eventually) take my Bronco into the shop for some work. Nothing major major, just a bunch of little things. I take her in on Monday. I like the place I go and they have decent prices, they just take forever. So I probably won't get her back until next Thursday. That is ok though, because then she will be more fixed than before. I need her to do a 1,000 mile trip in about 2 days and then back home a few weeks later. So, she is going to the shop. They quoted me about $900.00 for all the work I am asking for. I was excepting a higher price. Now, if they can just stay within that price.

Well, I am going to knit some and then try to go to sleep. I really don't like taking Benadryl even though it works for me. I am groggy the whole next day if I take it this late at night. Ah well, I guess could try meditation some more, but it just hasn't been working well lately.

I leave you with pictures of Katie.

Good night and sweet dreams to all.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Took some more pictures of Katie this morning.

She is too cute. She goes to the vet today to get checked out. She apparently likes rocks.

The girls still really don't know about her yet. Ditto is starting to mother her, but Dee O Gee is still skittish around her. But she is skittish anyways. I only had to take her out once last night. I was so proud of her.

No new knitting progress because of the baby. I probably should make her a rug/bed/blanket. R said "oh no, another project!" He was laughing when he said it. I was thinking on making it a log cabin style so I can add on to it as she grows.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hello Again

Sorry that it has been so long since I last wrote. In that time, I have frogged the feather and fan scarf, and started another scarf. This is what I started. That is the picture from the book. This is what mine looks like: It is Noro Silk Garden in color 84. I got 5 balls of it. I am using Palmwood size 8 from Laurel Hill. Love these needles! They are very smooth and the yarn just glides over the needles. I haven't decided if I like the yarn yet. It has quite a bit of vm in it, and it varies in thickness. I will finish the scarf though as it is a gift.

R and I went to the local humane society today to get a new baby. I have been wanting a lap dog for a while. We have two big dogs. They are German Shephard and Doberman mix. We have a pair of sisters.

The one with the red collar on is Dee O Gee. Her sister in blue is Ditto. Please don't ask, R named them. This is the new baby that R and I got today. Her name is Katie.

She is Beagle mix. We think that she is mixed with Rottweiler because of her snout. She is 12 weeks old. I just kept coming back to her. So she came home with us. she already is all kinds of mischief. She trys to eat the older cat's food, and doesn't like her crate. Time will tell. She goes outside about once an hour. The other dogs don't know what to think of her.

I joined the sokapalooza 4. I a very excited! Got my person this week. I have been having trouble blogging on the blog, so please don't fret if you don't see me on there. I am still deciding on pattern and yarn. So many choices and ideas in my head!

Until next time.