Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello, Hello

Hello. Work and school combined has been really busy. I am loving having a job! There are quirks and stuff like that with this job, there are quirks and stuff at all jobs. There was a lady that I thought had died on me when I was doing rounds. But she responded to me. Thank goodness! I am sure that will happen someday, but I would like for that not to happen too soon!

Yarn. I got Yarn!! And Fiber! And Spindles!!! Oh, I almost forgot, and Needles!!

Yarn. I finally broke down and ordered from Knitpicks. I got Cotlin in the color Kohlrabi. The color is pretty true from the web site from my screen. I got four skeins. The plan is to make something for this winter that isn't wool. Most likely a scarf. I also purchased a skein of their Bare superwash sock yarn. I think that I will only buy superwash yarn for socks from now on because I made R a pair of socks recently that are already felting. And I wash all our handknit socks in Soak.

I also made a Loopy Ewe order. I ordered GK Sock Twitter Pated and ShiBui sock yarn in Autumn. Both of these are for my socks, as I has at least a dozen sock yarns stashed for R.

Fiber and Spindles. I found on Ravelry ( such an enabling place!!) a fiber and spindle subscription from Butterflygirldesigns from Etsy. R found out and ordered a subscription for my birthday! I recieved the first month about a week ago. She sent me Carnivale for the fiber and this spindle. I am so excited! Then, for my birthday, I got me a Golding spindle!! I got the 2" Solid Lignum Vitae RingSpindle. It spins like a dream. I was disappointed at first because I like a longer spindle shaft, but then I spun it. Heaven! Yes, I wrote on it. I did that for my own sanity. I get in the grove and if I don't have that little reminder, I will spin it the opposite way one time and the spindle will drop. Then I get all frustrated and upset because I then can't remember which way I was spinning it. It is just for my sanity. Butterflygirldesigns from Etsy

Needles. While brosing Knitpicks, I saw that they now have 40" and 47" sock size needles in the new wood. So I ordered some. I alos ordered some of the same lengths in the nickel plated finish. In the wood, I ordered the 40" in 2.0mm & 2.25mm, same for the 47". I also ordered the same lengths and sizes in the nickel. I want to learn how to do two sox at a tim, toe up, magic loop method. Wood is on the left and the metal ones on the right.

I have a test today, so I need to go eat a good breakfast. Happy Knitting!!