Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hat for my uncle

Ok, remember the dark green yarn I got for my uncle to make a hat?

ok, now it looks like this:

Well, that is the top of it. R is modeling it for me. It took almost the whole ball. I had to shorten it because I thought I would run out. Uncle D says it fits well. That's good in my book. The pattern is from Lion Brand. It is called "Ellen's knit hat". It came out very nice. I really like how the crown makes that pinwheel. I made it on sz7 bamboo dbps. It says to do the sides to 8" then start the crown, I only did 61/2" then the crown. Still, it came out very nice. Very soft too.

New Yarn!

At the beginning of this month R and I went to visit my Mom. While we were there, we went to this little LYS. Now, I have not been in a LYS before. All I've been in is the big box craft stores. I was in heaven!!!!! I didn't know where to start! R said he didn't bring the credit card, but, I had some money on me. Mainly gas money to get back home. This is what came home with me:

Cool! Yes, we had enough gas to get back home. The dark green that looks black is CascadeYarns Baby Alpaca "chunky" in color 568. The two royal blues are Malabrigo a kettle dyed pure merino wool in color "azul bolita". The other blue is also Malabrigo but in "Tuareg". The two reds are lace weight in Kaalund in "Bushfire" . Two baggies are Panda Cotton from Crystal Palace. One is "Chocolate Almonds" and the other is "Forest Herbs". The brown in the lower right corner is a tweedy green and brown. I cannot seem to find the ball to tell you the brand name. Also got some Crystal Palace needles in sz 0 and 1. I haven't had the problem of splitting but I hope that I don't because I really like their needles. R picked out a sweater pattern that isn't showing.

The green alpaca is going to be a hat for my uncle. the two blues will things for Mom. Sock yarn for R, lace weight for me!

By the way, all of this came from the Needlecraft Cottage in SD,CA. They don't have a web store yet, but they are oh so helpful over the phone and are willing to ship!!


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