Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

This is amazing for me. Up this early on a nonwork-nonclinical day! And I have been up for a hour. Ok, onto other things.

Finished my teacher's hat last night. Washed, blocked, and dried. It looks waaaaaaaaaaaay too big! Maybe I blocked it too big. I will tell the teacher that if she has a smaller bowl to rewet it and reblock. The color is more true in the two bottom pictures.

The dogs are Katie (the puppy) and DeeO.Gee (dobbie/german shepard mix)

They and DeeO.Gee's sister are going with us to WY. Fun. Two big dogs and a puppy in the back of my Bronco. Doable but cramped! We pick up the rental truck this afternoon. I am going to try to pack it this evening, but may have to finish in the AM.

Well, my final is today. It is a computer test. The only problem I have with it is that the company that the school contracts with for the tests and practice tests don't tell you what you missed on the practice tests! So, you really don't know what you got wrong. That is my only gripe. I studied as best as I could. Once I pass the final, then I can apply for the state boards to take the NCLEX for LPN.

Ok. I'm off to eat my Wheaties! Wish me luck and Happy Knitting!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Pictures and a FO!

Ok, I found the camera and took the pictures of the stitch markers

Sulah sent me this:

Very cute and they are reversible! She writes that the notepad and the pen are magnetic. How cool is that!
Kathy send me these:

Very Pretty!
Thank you again to both ladies.

I finished one of my pairs of sox for sockapalooza 4! Here they are:

The color is is between the middle pic and the bottom. The bottom one is with a flash. It is also to show the difference the other side is. The top is Wendy's Feather and Fan. In fact, the pattern is Wendy's fingering weight toe-up with gusset heel. Very easy and complete instructions! Thank you Wendy! Took them this morning outside on my wall while it is still cool. It was 106 degrees yesterday, and supposed to be warmer today!

The sock forms are from Chappy on ebay. Good products and fast service!

I have started on my next pair of sockapalooza 4 sox. I am a sock angel, so I need to get those done also. But, they also count for my Summer of Sox KAL!!!
Iam so excited to be doing a KAL. It also makes me finish the sox I am doing and not have SSS. Maybe I can get some of R's sox done that he has been asking for!

Until next time - Happy Knitting!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stitch markers

I got my stitch markers from two people! Very cool. Don't know where the camera is at the moment, so no pictures. Sorry. Thank you again to Sulah and Kathy! Still trying to get ready for the big trip to WY and study for my final on Monday. Such fun! Until next time, happy knitting.

p.s. finished one sockapalooza 4 sox and almost done with the other. then I can start on the second pair!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Have a question for you

I have a question for the people that read this. I have two pictures to show you. Can you find the differences? Yes, they are the same pair of sox.
Yes, one is of a regular toe, and the other has a ring around it. It makes a box end. I did try it on, I cannot feel the difference when it is on. I think that it looks cool like that, having two different toes, but they are not for me. They are for my sox4 pal. So, what do YOU think?

I'm still here!!!

Very, very picture intensive!!!!!!!!

I'm still here! I have been busy though. I have been in summer school. I have also been knitting but on things for my secret people, so I cannot really show you stuff. Well, maybe I can show you bits of stuff. Ok, here we go.

ok, subtitles:
Red hat - baby alpaca just because I liked the color. Gave to a classmate
Pink, orange, yellow knitted fabric - Sockapalooza 4 socks for my pal
Brown, green, & pink - Sox bag for a pal
Stitch markers - made 2 pair for each pal in the swaps I am in. 5 pals = 10pr.

Motor and Katie

Like I said, I have been busy. School, work and sleeping. And some knitting. I am glad that I can sit in the back of my class and knit. The teacher has commented, but hasn't asked me to put it away. I still got some yarn in purple (her favorite color) and I am going to make a knit hat for her. This is her last class that she is teaching. She is going on to be a NP (nurse practitioner). Cool, huh. Well, this note is a long one, so I will go ahead and say that until next time, happy knitting!!!!