Monday, March 1, 2010

Nutrition and Life

About a year ago I learned through trial and error that I am either allergic to dairy or have an intolerance to it. I am not lactose intolerant. Here is a list of symptoms of lactose intolerance. I don't get any of those. Also, I cannot eat yogurt. Appartently some people who are lactose intolerant can, as the good bugs in the yogurt eat lactose. What I get is hayfever-like symptoms. And a headache. I start to have breathing issues in about a hour after consuming dairy. Not fun! So, I have been trying to delete dairy from my diet. That has been a real challenge. Not only do I crave it about once a week, it is also in just about everything premade! So, I take Zyterc daily and Benadryl when I need it. I also have been doing a lot more cooking at home lately.

I have also been very interested in Once A Month Cooking. It is basically what it says. You cook once a month, stock the freezer up, and eat off that for the month. You then only need to buy fresh produce as you need. I have done something similar before but only two week intervals. I found that I didn't cook enough variety, so I was eating out. This week I have been making staples, i.e. shredded chicken, meatballs, cooked bacon, cooked ground beef, that kind of thing. Freezing those staples, that way I can make several different things. Two things that I did make up as complete foods is chili and burritos. Those things I know that I like and will eat as is. The chili I could eat as chili, or put it over rice or noodles. The burritos are more for work, just take out of the freezer into the frig at work, then microwave when I get hungry.

So I will see how this new way (for me) of cooking will work. At least it got me to clean out the feezers!


Meleesa said...

I do a lot of prep-cooking off and on, it makes meal time much easier a lot of the time.

Channon said...

Interesting! I too have a different kind of reaction to my food allergens... I spike a fever, a very high fever, get flushed, and if I ignore that, THEN the difficulty breathing starts.